Davyd with Truffles


Davyd’s first dog walked into his house when he was 9 years old. A Saint Bernard (Smudge) that pretty much looked him in the eye when standing face to face. Since then, he assumes any dog that can’t look him in the eye when on all four legs is a small dog.

Davyd has always had an affinity for all animals, but is particularly fond of cats and dogs.

Participation in rescue and advocacy began in 2007. In adopting his first Saint Bernard since Smudge from Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue, he began active participation in a rescue organization.

Davyd lost two dogs to cancer before 2009 which led him to another part of animal welfare. In 2009 he founded a pet food company, PeopleFud. The mission was to bring real food products to market. He is a firm believe that pets should eat “people food” as a staple of their diet to reduce health issues and increase longevity.

During his time running PeopleFud, he began to look for non-profit animal welfare issues that the company could participate in to help animals. In addition to sponsoring many events for rescues and shelters, he learned about the No Kill movement. In 2009 he started RescueOneDog, a blog and advocacy arm for PeopleFud to help homeless pets.

After training at several conferences around the country, he helped found No Kill Colorado (NKC). During his tenure as a board member at NKC he helped develop relationships with national No Kill leaders and organization like the No Kill Advocacy CenterNo Kill Learning, No Kill Movement, and others. Davyd developed the annual Just One Day Colorado (adoption event with dozens of organizations participating across the state), and led a highly successful initiative to reform a Colorado animal shelter (the shelter saves 98% of all intakes, almost double before the reform). He helped a small rural town completely change their situation of an overwhelming number of feral and stray dogs through Spay/Neuter clinics, transfer, and law in a campaign to show how any community can change the outcome of homeless pets (100 Dogs Campaign).  Davyd has consulted on law for animal welfare.   He helped create Animal Rescue of Conejos County, Saving Colorado Shelter Pets (501c4 animal rights influencer), and All For Paws Outreach.



Quinn began her animal welfare endeavors in 1991 in Philadelphia volunteering at a small shelter and within six months became the shelter manager for Hope for the Animals and was a chair for their fundraising committee. She then founded Animal Rescue and Referral (ARR) whose purpose was to network with animal rescue groups in the tri state area to move animals out of shelters and into safe, clean and attentive foster homes or rescue groups. ARR also worked to clean up animal hoarding environments as well as implemented a TNR program with feral feline colonies. ARR at is highest peak was maintaining 36 colonies.

After moving to Colorado in 1995 Quinn operated somewhat rogue. Self employed and owning three trucking operations in Colorado Springs left her with minimal time for the animals with the exception of her own. During this time she fostered for Teller County Regional Animal Shelter and Dreampower Animal Rescue.

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005 Quinn, along with a small group of like minded citizens made three trips to the New Orleans area with community donations of food, crates, water, bleach, medical equipment totaling 155,000 lbs.

Quinn sat on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for Teller County Regional Animal Shelter from 2010 to 2013 resigning to work in underserved communities of Colorado with Animal Rescue of Conejos County, ARCC. In conjunction with other rogue advocates 210 dogs were transported in 2013 from rural southern Colorado to rescues/fosters/shelters in central and northern Colorado. Spay/Neuter/Vaccination clinics were formed and continue to this day under the direction of PawsCo, , Denver. Transports are still taking place as the work will never end but a dent is being made. In conjunction with working on behalf of ARCC, Quinn joined the board of No Kill Colorado as an adviser and currently holds the position of Treasurer.

Quinn has been a 30 year advocate of animals and animal rights and has worked hands on with several animal welfare organizations in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware and Colorado. In addition to working with animals Quinn has also volunteered in the community with CASA of the Pikes Peak Region, The Alzheimer’s Association and One Nation Walking Together.



Karla has been an animal lover all of her life. She grew up in a small town in Iowa. She saved her first abused and abandoned dog when she was in grade school. There was a stray dog around the school and kids were throwing rocks at her. Of course I begged my dad to keep her after checking around to see if she belonged to anyone. Karla has had gerbils, hamsters, Guinea pigs, cats, dogs and turtles.

Karla was looking for something in the animal rescue programs where she could volunteer and save animals at the same time. She found No Kill Colorado on Facebook and thought what a wonderful organization to get involved in. She learned about the No Kill Equation and volunteered to meet with No Kill Colorado. She has been actively involved in most all events and fundraisers for No Kill Colorado while educating people about the No Kill Equation. Karla is currently Vice President of No Kill Colorado.



Jenan is a huge animal lover and rescued her pup (Stitch) while working on the Navajo Reservation. She found him under her car when he was 6 weeks old. He was very sick and had a badly infected leg. Multiple vets told her to put him down, or to amputate his infected leg, but she knew he could recover. Today he still has his leg, and loves running around. You'd never know he was ever sick!

Jenan is new to No Kill Colorado, and currently serves as the Technical Advisor. 


An animal and environment advocate and enthusiast, Jessi Harris has volunteered as the Social Media Adviser and Legislative Intern of No Kill Colorado since October of 2013 while she was finishing up her Environmental Studies Undergraduates degree at the University of Denver. 

She became a bard member in 2018.

She has advocated and promoted the No Kill Equation through her work as NKC's media adviser on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and has had the opportunity to consult on animal welfare legislation proposals including working on the repeal of the pit bull ban in Aurora, Colorado. Jessi has also run as a team cheerleader and charity partner of No Kill Colorado's in the Colfax Races, with every step raising awareness and funding for the organization and the homeless animals in need. 

Jessi has (wo)manned and volunteered at several Just One Day adoption events. She grew up in 4-H and has always loved all animals, especially horses, pigs, and dogs. She also loves gardening, participating in a vegan lifestyle, and appreciating the great state of Colorado and all its hiking and camping back country glory. Her and her best friend Daisy Jean, a Labrador retriever, are often found with many furry friends in tow adventuring and shedding light on the love and joy that animals bring to our lives.

Now that she has graduated, her goals are to dedicate her work to animal and environmental rights and replacing breed specific legislation while helping No Kill Colorado make Colorado the first No Kill state with a rescue and shelter system that works with the public to save all healthy and treatable lives. Save the pets of Colorado, open the door to a platform to save ALL the pets everywhere. :) Please join us!