Surrendering pets

No Kill Equation: Retention

No Kill Colorado is NOT a shelter or rescue

If you are looking to surrender a pet, there are a lot of things you can do to make rehoming successful.

We encourage you to look for alternatives. There are alternatives. We want to help you keep your pet in your family whenever possible. Disrupting you and your pets life by giving it away is not the ideal answer most of the time.

There are few organizations ready to take any pet on a moment's notice, so you need to be patient if surrender is your only option. Two things make surrendering have a better outcomes: Time and/or money.

To be clear, No Kill Colorado does not take in animals, we are not a rescue or a shelter, but we might be able to help you. But you need to give yourself time and plan on making an effort to help every step along the way.


Prepare for success

We need you to get all the information on your pet together for any organization to help you.

Do not be afraid of these questions. There is no wrong answer. It is just best to clearly define the pet in question so the right organization can best serve the pet.

Pet Information:

  • Name

  • Age

  • Breed

  • Spayed or Neutered

  • Microchipped?

  • UTD (up to date) on vaccinations?

  • Does the pet get along with cats?

  • Does the pet get along with dogs?

  • Does the pet get along with kids?

  • Are there any medical issues?

  • A description of the pet

    • personality.

    • behavrior issues

  • Your name and contact information (phone and email)

    • You MUST provide your name and email for us to crosspost)

  • At least 1 photo of your pet

    • Quality helps immensely

    • When in doubt, send more photos. Pets with more photos statistically get adopted faster.


Resources for Surrender

Post your pets information online

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Offer to Foster for your Pet for a rescue and become a foster!

If you can be the foster for your pet while organizations rally to find a home, this is an ideal position to be in. You know your pet, they can stay with you until a new loving family is found, and there is less disruption to their lives.

You can most easily find an organization that will take on the task of finding a family for a pet if that pet is in a family that can hold them until a placement can be found.

Lastly - No Kill Colorado will post for you with your information

Additionally, we can cross post your pets for you on our media sites, but you need to provide us all the information above in a bio format with the pictures and give permission your own contact information being publicly posted. You MUST include your phone and email for the post for people to contact you. We cannot act as a middle party.

Again: You MUST include your phone and email for the post for people to contact you.

We cannot vet any potential homes, we will only be able to share that your pets are in need. You will need to vet all potential new homes on your own. However, there are people who are familiar with home checks and can help.

If you require someone else's assistance with Home Checks, you can go to If you would like us to cross post your pet, please email

All the above information pertaining to patience and holding your pet until a new home is found still stands in this situation. We appreciate your patience and remind you that we want to help you find a safe and loving forever home for your animals, so please understand that often takes time to find.

These are all shelters and rescues according to PACFA (Pet Animal Control Facilities Act (PACFA) from 2017. We do not know which facilities are safest for your surrendered pet. We encourage to ask for the policies and procedures for the safety of any surrendered pet before you surrender them. Remember, over 18,000 homeless pets were killed in shelters in 2017, please do everything you can to ensure you pet is safe if rehomed or surrendered.


No Kill Colorado’s mission is to help Make Colorado the Safest State for Homeless Pets.   

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