Colorado 2017

Some state statistics for Colorado in life saving for 2016

PACFA releases statewide statistics for all PACFA licensed organizations.  The data to create information on this page is from those statistics.  You can find them here:  Colorado Data Marketplace

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Counties Save Rate

This heat map shows save rates for Colorado Counties in 2017. It includes all rescues, shelters and sanctuaries.

Colorado Cats and Dogs

This shows the save rates for cats and Dogs together and separately in Colorado 2017

Underperforming shelters

Although this chart shows poorly performing shelters from a statistical viewpoint, more research needs to be done to understand what is happening and how these shelters can improve. It shows only the shelters with over 300 outcomes.


Basic State Numbers

Total Outcomes, Total Positive Outcomes, Total Negative Outcome for Colorado in 2017

Shelters that could use help

These open admission shelters are statistically the lowest performing shelters we need to work on improving.


Organizations with over 90% save rate

Although this shows top performers, it should be noted it includes Open and limited admission shelters and rescues.

Colorado 2017 save rates

This shows a break out for total cats and dogs and then dog and cat save rate seperately


Cat Outcomes Statewide

Dog Outcomes Statewide


Cat Outcomes By COunty

Dog outcomes by county


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