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Reject the Status Quo

Our guest blogger this week is Denise Boehler, M.A. Denise is a sponsor for our Just One Day Denver event on June 11th. Her company, Wildsight, was born from a lifelong desire to reduce senseless wildlife deaths on our nation’s highways. Denise Boehler, Ecopsychologist and President, is a cyclist who created the company as a way to empower cyclists to become messaging agents for wildlife while out on the roadways. Find out more by checking out www.wildsight.co

FawnShift Gears for Wildlife

Paradigm change—the shift in one way of thinking and behaving to a more enlightened one—can you get on board?  People improve all the time. Evolution is a forward-moving event.  So can we embrace paradigm change as it concerns animals?

I believe we can.  How many of us would have laughed out loud at the dinner table at the suggestion of a vegetarian or vegan meal?  I don’t recall ever seeing free-range beef at the local Dominick’s.  But it’s now commonplace.  We are acknowledging, more and more, that animals are sentient creatures.  How about we not stop there?  Animals need even more consideration, and in the following ways:

Ever rush past your local animal shelter, because it rips your heart out too much?  Why is that?  Simple, because we all know—our failure to choose a candidate means death.  ‘Pick me! I want a forever home!’ becomes  ‘choose me or I will die in seven days’  (or one or ten, etc.)

We created homelessness for animals.  Some 3–4 million die annually for want of loving, safe homes.  And we can un-create it.  We can get behind causes supporting no-kill shelters, No Kill Colorado for one.  Asking you to support the idea, Can we stop killing shelter animals, only to create vacancies for more animals that may also die for want of a home?

Of course we can.  We simply have to want to.

Sparing homeless animals a needless death is just one way to change the way we treat them in our society.   “Roadkill” is now the leading cause of wildlife death in our nation.  We can change this too, by paying attention to the wildlife in our midst; Hence, Wildsight—empowering cyclists to become messaging agents for wildlife.  Envision the fox trotting along the roadside at dusk; the raccoons playing at midnight as we round the bend up the canyon road; the deer bounding across the lane to reach the creek.  Increasing our knowledge of the lives of animals creates that simple thought in the back of our minds as we move about our paved landscape.  It can save the life of the moose calf trailing its mother, or spare raccoons from sudden orphanhood in the event of an encounter.

Creating paradigms begins with us.  And it can change with us.  We only have to choose it, and it will happen.

For all the animals,

Denise Boehler, M.A.,
Ecopsychologist, President
Nederland, Colorado
Is Your Wildsight 20/20?