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120 seconds to No Kill

From Nathan Winograd’s Keynote at the 2012 No Kill Conference in Washington DC.

Meet Karl Bailey. In Seagoville, Texas, Sgt. Karl Bailey, a police officer, took over an animal control shelter. He had no formal experience. He was not familiar with the No Kill movement. He started as the new boss of Seagoville Animal Services in January 2011. One minute later, he abolished the gas chamber.

His second minute on the job: he ordered the killing to come to an end.

Minutes 3 through 525,949 made up his first full year. He spent those saving lives. Fewer animals lost their lives the whole year than they used to be killed in just one week. He finished with a 98% rate of lifesaving. When someone asks you how long it should take to achieve No Kill, tell them about Sgt. Bailey. And then tell them: 120 seconds.


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